I’m back…

did you miss me?  🙂

 I had a fabulous time during my retreat at the Mary Anderson Center, it was more than I dared to hope for!  I enjoyed some good company, some solitude, lots of time to make lots of art, time to rest & reflect – the best of everything.  As far my vow to find out how to post images, alas, that part of the plan failed.  The wireless internet was down in the house so, other than a quick trip to a local coffee shop to check my e-mail, I didn’t have access to the web.  That was probably a blessing, I didn’t waste time surfing when I could have been creating.  One project I had thought I would begin is internet based so that is on hold again, I’ve always got more ideas than time to do them though – nothing new in that!  I have continued to make art each day since I’ve returned, sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes longer, it’s something I want to keep as a daily activity instead of holding out for large gaps of time & energy.  Those wonderful gaps never seem to show up and then I am frustrated by all the pent up creativity! 

I have been teaching a mixed media class on Tuesday afternoons, two weeks into it, two weeks left to go.  It’s been a nice change of pace to work with a group and share a few things with others.  My second session of pottery/clay classes started this week so that is awesome too.  I am excited about my first creation and hope to finish at least one more during each of the next three weeks (it’s a four week class).  I’d be thrilled to have four pieces similar to the first one at the end of class.  It is all hand-built work, very full of texture and dimension and I’ve left it open to where I can add metal/wire to the pieces once they are glazed and fired.  I am designing them to hang on the walls, they are beautiful in my imagination (I’ve been thinking of them for weeks), now to get them out of my head and into reality! 

 I realize after looking something up on my website that I need to do some updates, it’s been about 6 weeks since the last ones, my calendar section is out of date!  Seems like I just did updates but time passes so quickly. Enjoy the hints of spring that art beginning to peek through, it’s lovely to see some small splashed of color after the drab winter!

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