A little news and a test…


Just checking in tonight while I had a few minutes to steal.  I just finished teaching my first four-week mixed media class.  It went fairly well, I’m sure I will improve as an instructor the more I do it.  Everyone was helpful, yet kind, with their feedback so that gave me some concrete ideas of what I need to work on. I am committed to two more four-week classes in June, one a repeat of this class, the second will be hand-coloring photographs.  I need to get out my supplies and brush up, I haven’t done any hand-coloring for quite a while!  I also will be teaching some one-day classes at a summer program for kids in Pike Township, which sounds like fun as well as a challenge.  A much larger group than I am used to working with but I enjoy working with kids so I am excited about it.  Also in June my artist/friend Karena and I are going to host a one-day ATC workshop/trade at Sugar Creek.  If you don’t know about ATC’s be sure to go to my website and check out the page there, it gives you some details, history and samples.  Here is a sampling (and a test to see if I’ve got this ‘image in a post’ thing working yet!):

ATC sample

 Woo-hoo, looks like it worked!  These are just very basic, very simple cards made of doodles, they can be made from any media (paint, collage, drawing, stamps, printmaking, etc.) with much more detail or they can be something just this simple.  They are just one of several projects I’ve been busy with lately that I am really excited about! 

I have photos in my camera of the pieces I made during the pottery session in February, once I get them out of the camera, into my computer and sized I will post those as well.  I am SO enjoying playing with clay again this month!  Fun, fun, fun! 

I also have five new pieces of mixed media art being framed for the show in June.  Along with another three or four pieces I have here at home that haven’t been shown anywhere yet I feel like I am closing in on having enough new artwork ready by June.  My goal is 15 new pieces so I am past 1/2 way already!  My friend Doug was kind enough to share some scrap material today that has me anxious to create more art – thanks Doug!  Although I really am excited for people to see my new work I am trying to hold off and let it “debute” at the show.  After that I’m sure I won’t be able to stand it and I’ll have some images of it posted here as well as on my website.

That’s all for now, it’s bedtime!  Look for another post soon….



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