Nature break!

I am busy today – planning, gathering and packing for a three-day weekend at a state park in southern Indiana.  I am excited about a number of things!  First, I haven’t been camping in nearly two years, so it’s long overdue. Secondly, I feel as if I have spent a lot of time cooped up inside the house lately.  Sometimes due to my schedule, sometimes the weather, occasionally just pure laziness on my part.  But I am ready to be out in nature, take a hike, breath some fresh air, enjoy the beauty of it all.  Thirdly, I’ll be visiting a park that I’ve not been to before.  I love exploring new places!   I’m also excited because I get to spend some time with my artist/buddy/friend Karena at the campground.  She has many big plans for her life right now – the largest being that she will soon be moving away.  I am happy for her but also know I will miss being able to see her when I want.  So that makes the trip even more precious.  Our original intent was to participate in an art workshop in the area during the daytime hours and spend the evenings at the campground.  But the call of nature and a less restrictive schedule lured us away from that plan so now we have three days of freedom to do what we want, when we want.  I like the way that sounds!  I’m packing my hiking boots, the mandatory “campfire” food, a few art supplies, some reading material and from there I’m ready to just let the time flow.  What a treat!  I opened up my tiny little camper earlier this week and did some spring cleaning so we are ready to roll out of here in the morning and begin our adventure.  I hope you have an enjoyable weekend as well!



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