Online studio tour…

Last week I finally made it back out to my studio in Thorntown and, while I was there, I took some photos of my little space to share on my blog.  I don’t make it there nearly as often as I would like and this trip was more for “work” than for fun.  I needed to do inventory, sort, clean, organize, etc.  But, having that out of the way now means my next visit I can spend playing and creating – woo hoo!  Without further ado, here are the images:

Thru my \

Thru the hallway window looking into my studio space

Looking thru doorway

Thru the doorway, looking at part of the back wall

Back wall, left side

The rest of the back wall, part of the left wall

Left wall

More of the left wall, work table #1

Front wall

The front wall and work table #2 in front of the window (with a view of two of my “neighbor” artists studios)

Right wall

Part of the right side wall, back to where we started!

For those of you not familiar with Sugar Creek Art Center (and, honestly, I wasn’t until I moved out there last year!) it is located in a three-story factory building that has been (and still is being) remodeled into artist studios, a gift shop, gallery space and classrooms.  (I’m adding a link to their website on my “blogroll” in the right column of this page!) There has been a lot of work done lately on the building (thanks to a very generous donation) and adjacent buildings have been purchased and are undergoing remodeling as well.  I’ve even heard rumors of a coffee shop being part of the plans! It’s really exciting to be part of such a growing facility!  This is also the building where my friends Karena, Lisa & I will be having our show next month.  We will be the first artists to get to display art in a newly remodeled studio area, it’s going to look fantastic!  My goal this week is the get the last few pieces of artwork finished and off to the frame shop, the show goes up on Thursday the 5th! Don’t forget about the reception on Friday, June 13th from 6 to 9 p.m.  While you are there you can also tour the other artist’s studio spaces, visit the gift shop, listen to live music, see a puppet show downstairs – there will be lots of activities going on that evening! 

One thought on “Online studio tour…

  1. Must be a nice place to work, hope you like it there as much as i do just from them photos, nice blog by the way, please do keep it up.

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