New ceramic pieces

As promised, here are the images of the newly created ceramic pieces from the April pottery class!

Ceramic Tile with Copper Wire – 19″x17″x1.5″ deep

Ceramic Tile with Aluminum Wire & Charms 19″x13″x2″ deep

Ceramic Tile with Aluminum Wire, Beads, Charm 16″x12″x1.5″ deep

Ceramic Tile with Wire, Charms 12″x4.5″x.5″ deep

Ceramic Tile with Wire & Beads 15″x5″x.75″ deep 

Ceramic – approximately 5″x5″x5″

I really enjoyed creating these pieces by hand, adding the texture and playing with the different color glazes, as well as adding the extra wire & embellishments to the wall tiles.  Although I have my favorites I was pleased with all of them.  I hope you enjoy looking at them too!  I’ve made arrangements with a local potter to do some firing for me so I can continue to create items during the summer months (as soon as I get some clay & glazes that is!). 

Take care!




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  1. These are just beautiful. My favorite is the one with spirals, wire and beads. Thanks so much for posting these on line and for creating such beautiful work.


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