Greetings!  As you can tell by the time between blog entries life has continued to be extra busy for me.  When I peek at the calendar for September it looks like that may be improving soon, I am excited by the prospect! Up until last weekend I hadn’t had (or taken) time to make any art since early July.  Thankfully that has changed!  I know I have mentioned in newsletters, as well as on the website, about my involvement in the Best Buddies program.  It’s that time of year again and I got to meet my new buddy for this year’s art project on Saturday.  He is a great young man named Carl and we spent several hours together creating artwork to be auctioned off at the upcoming “Art of Friendship” event.  The last two years I’ve taken my buddy out, given them a camera & instructions and then used their photos to create a digital art piece.  This year we changed it up a bit and made a mixed media piece on canvas.  The process started by doing several printmaking images on gelatin plates.  It’s an interesting and unique process that used a slab of thickly mixed gelatin (yup, just like Jello!) to print with.  Carl took to the process right away and made some wonderful prints in a very short amount of time.  While they dried we started work on the canvas, covering it with a variety of printed tissue paper and a few other patterned papers that Carl chose.  Then he picked a few of the newly created prints to coordinate with what we had on the canvas and, after tearing & cutting them into interesting shapes those were layered on to the piece.  Although I still need to finish the edges and add some red paint here & there we were both pleased with how the piece turned out.  Carl chose “Red Masterpiece” for the title.  Here is an image of it thus far:

Red Masterpiece (work in progress)
"Red Masterpiece" (work in progress)

 That same day I got a call from one of my best artist/friends that I hadn’t seen in several months.  As it worked out we were able to set aside time the following day to get together, catch up with what was going on in each of our lives, and collaborate on some art.  It was a beautiful, sunny day so we took a couple of easels out into the woods, carried out the paints and supplies, pulled a vehicle close (for musical purposes) and just let the art flow. 

 Being outside was a great change of pace, I enjoyed the freedom to make a mess, drip paint on the ground and just be free about what I was doing.  We each started one piece, then somewhere in the process we switched to work on the other, then back again until we were happy with the final results.  Once I get past the intimidation of painting on someone else’s work it’s a lot of fun to combining different styles and techniques.  Here are the final results:

Collaborative artwork #1
Collaborative artwork #1
Collaborative Artwork #2
Collaborative Artwork #2

We had such a great time we are hoping to get together on a more regular basis and create even more!

I am posting this entry from the Mary Anderson Center in southern Indiana, where I arrived on Thursday. I was so excited to get away and retreat here for a few days! Thus far I have unpacked, settled into my room & studio space, dabbled with some art, eaten well, spent time outside and met my fellow artist’s in residence for this visit.  I’m sure I’ll have more to tell you, as well as some new art images to share, as my stay progresses.  Take care, have a safe holiday weekend!



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