New artwork…

Omnivagus mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 24x36
"Omnivagus" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 24x36"

I am posting images of some recently created images.  The requirement for the 2nd Anniversary show for Broad Ripple Art & Design was ‘bright’ work.  After surveying what art I had available to hang there was not much brightness to be had!  The pieces that might have qualified were still hanging in the gallery in Tennessee.  I had one piece (shown below – Topiarius) that was made during one of last month’s painting sessions with my artist-friend Shadow. It was the first piece I selected to put in the show. 

Topiarius mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 12x36
"Topiarius" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 12x36"
After that I couldn’t seem to find anything else that pleased me. What a perfect excuse to get out some canvas and create a few new pieces!  As it turned out I did not teach the nature-based art classes last week due to the local schools being on fall break. The timing was wonderful and allowed me some free time for creativity that I haven’t had recently.   
Dissipo mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 20x16
"Dissipo" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 20x16"

These all started with a layer of paper, glue, clear acrylic gel or some combination of those items to get a very texture surface.  After that it was time to play with layers and layers of paint.  It seems that lately I can’t paint without getting my hands & fingers into and using them as my “brush” as much as (or more than) I use an actual brush! 

Fluito mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 15x30
"Fluito" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 15x30"
I tried to finish these outside and enjoy the last few days of fall but after one day of my fingers aching from the cold I moved indoors.  Unless there is a drastic improvement in the weather I am afraid my outdoor painting days are finished until spring.  What a pity, I so enjoy being creative outside!  Being able to drip, squirt, splatter and generally just fling paint around without worry is very freeing and, in addition to just enjoying the freedom, I like the effect it has on the outcome of my art as well.  Perhaps I need to fire up a heater in the garage, put a drop cloth on the floor and try to duplicate the feeling indoors!
Arcus mixed media/acrylic diptych on canvas, each 12x12
"Arcus" mixed media/acrylic diptych on canvas, each 12x12"


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