Moving on…

Last week I held a makeup class for students who had missed the previous printmaking sessions.  It was also my last opportunity to play with the gelatin prints before I pack up the supplies and return them to storage.  It has really been fun to do the printmaking projects again!  During November I will be delving back into pottery/ceramics again.  If you couldn’t tell by now I love to hop from medium to medium and project to project.  There are always so many interesting and fun things to do I can hardly wait for the next one!  I also have some more of the etched metal artwork to work on as I prepare for a few holiday shows and sale opportunities.  This week will be the final week of class for the nature-based art classes.  I’ve had a lot of fun meeting new people and sharing some techniques with them.  I also have discovered a few ideas for new classes, as well as ways to improve the format.  I will be looking at the calendar to plan for future classes, be on the lookout for details in the next few weeks.  This is my favorite printmaking piece from last week’s session:

Multiple drop monotype
Multiple drop monotype
The “nature” aspect for this print was the use of many pine needles to help create texture and detail on many of the layers. 
This looks to be quite a busy week but I will try to post again soon.  Thanks, as always, for reading and feel free to leave a comment!

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