Re-altered Altered Art

As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, I was curious to define the difference between mixed media art and altered art.  Although I’m not certain this is the definitive answer it seems that almost all altered art can be mixed media but not all mixed media can be altered art.  Altered art includes paper, objects, etc. that were made for or previously used for another purpose.  While incorporating those items into your artwork you might use various other techniques such as painting, collage, stamping, etc. (i.e. mixed media).  Mixed media is simply using more than one media to create your art.  Having found a reasonable explaination to define one from the other I decided that the piece I created for the altered art swap was actually a mixed media piece since it did not have any items that were used or made for another purpose.  SO, I did a little bit of reworking and added some upolstery tacks to the piece.  Honestly I kept thinking it needed something but I couldn’t decide what…I think it made it feel more “finished” as well as qualifying it to be altered art!  Here is an image of it, I took this photo with the tag turned backwards…I think I prefer it that way as opposed to the compass image but that will be up to it’s new owner to decide!


updated Travel 4x4 altered art on canvas, (c) 2009 Lynne Medsker
updated “Travel” 4×4″ altered art on canvas, (c) 2009 Lynne Medsker

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