Junk Journals

A few days ago I mentioned in a post that I was working on some “junk journals”…I have some images uploaded of my progress so I thought I’d post a bit of an update. As I said previously I am just kind of flying blind on this project, I heard about it, thought it sounded like fun, but didn’t make it to the get-together where they were giving instruction.  Of course now that I’m into the project it has dawned on me I could have probably found out anything I needed to know with a quick search of the web.  Hey, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂  Now I’m afraid to look it up, don’t want to find out I’m doing it all wrong!  I started two different journals, in two different sizes, both ended up being bound differently and each seems to be developing it’s own personality.  Most of these images are of the small journal.  It started out with materials that were destine for the the garbage (or at best the recycling facility).

After assembling them in the order I wanted I first put a few layers of gesso in the outside covers and then bound it all together.  (You can still see some of the product information through the layers of gesso!)After it was all put together then I started working on the inside, painting pages with layers of gesso or gluing decorative papers, etc. to the pages.  This is an image of the larger journal while I was waiting for the gesso to dry on these pages.  The outside of it is covered with aluminum that I will eventually etch and color with alcohol inks…I wanted to get the inside finished first since I am handling it so much as I work.  Here are some images of the inside of the small journal as I continued to work on it.  It seems to be a slow process but there is a lot of drying time between each step and, even with the help of a blow dryer, it just takes a while.It took me a while but I finally decided what I wanted to do with the cover of the small journal.  I have had this paper for a while and hadn’t used it for anything, it just seemed right for a journal. 🙂That’s all the progress so far…I’ve been working on these in between other  projects, I’m hoping another day or two and I’ll have them finished.  It’s been a fun project, I’m always excited to do something new & different!  Until next time…


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