Road trips…

For a change of pace (and because I’d always be sorry if I didn’t) I rented a car on Monday and spent Monday and Tuesday just driving around the winding roads and through the little towns and scenic byways around Breckenridge for a while.  What fun!  I love to just drive and see what comes my way and I wasn’t disappointed either day.  I was so lucky to be able to just strike out on my own, any traveling companion I would have had would have gone crazy by the time a few hours had passed!  My formula for a good day out is “drive-stop-shoot photos-drive-stop-shoot photos” and that’s just what I did.  Although I surely didn’t stop and take every single image that I thought would be cool I know my percentage had to have been 70-80%!  Thank goodness for driveways, pull-offs and wide berms because I was on & off the road more times than I’d like to count.  And an even bigger thanks to the fact that the roads out here aren’t heavily traveled (or at least not the ones I was on!).  Here are a few of my favorite images from the two days of travel:

It was a perfect little “vacation within a vacation” to spend the time traveling around.  I can’t believe what a small amount of the state I actually got to see, even after being on the road 14 hours.  Of course that could partly be from all the stop & going too!  I would love to come back out here and explore some of the other regions…there is just such a variety of landscapes and terrains it’s like visiting several places all at once. 🙂  If you just can’t get enough travel photos I have a larger selection posted on my Facebook page.  Here are the links (you don’t have to be a Facebook member to see the photos):

Road trip, Day 1: 

Road trip, Day 2:  

Tonight I am tucked in my cozy little apartment as it once again becomes a “winter wonderland” outside.  They are predicting anywhere up to three feet of snow between now and Saturday!  I’ll have some more pictures to post if that is the case.  The snow plow is already running up & down the street, I am SO impressed with the snow removal here – they are truly experts at it.  Perhaps we should send some mid-west folks out here to train! 🙂  Speaking of Midwest, I hear that it’s spring back home with some nice warm sunny weather.  

Wherever you happen to be I hope you are safe & happy.  More posts soon!


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