fluctuate digital art (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

"fluctuate" digital art (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

I have been poking around in my computer and on my external hard drive today, cleaning, deleting, backing up files before I do some maintinence on my computer.  (It’s having some issues that I hope a good cleaning will take care of!)  I haven’t backed up files in WAY too long (which isn’t smart when more than 1/2 your work is done digitally) so it seems like I am just wading through stuff, trying to determine what is worth keeping and what I can live without.  As I was browsing files I found some images that have never been “out in the real world” since I made them.  These were in a folder of images that I had created specifically for certain competitions and then kind of forgot about.  The one above is from a poster contest and the two below from a female water-sports shirt competition.  

water fairies digital collage (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

'water fairies' digital collage (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

windswept digital collage (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

'windswept' digital collage (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

Now I’m a little curious what else I might find while I’m cleaning things out!  I am always amazed the amount of things that I store.  No wondered each year computers get larger and larger hard drives built into them!  Not only am I a packrat with physical objects I am a digital packrat too. 🙂  

I am always a little intimidated to open up the computer casing and poke around in there (which could explain the current problem).  Hopefully this will end it’s issues and it will keep going a while longer.  I do believe this five-year stint is the longest I’ve had with one computer and if it decides to up and die I will say I more than got my money’s worth out of it.  I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up a new one, moving files, and (of course) making payments again.  

Wish me luck!


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  1. I love what you do the colors are right on thanks for sharing it .


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