New collaborative art project

Hello!  I apologize by the sporadic blog posts recently!  The process of setting up my studio space here at home has been consuming my energy, thoughts and time recently.  My goal is to have it completely finished by the first of June…if things go according to plan it may even be sooner!  I am anxious for it to be done and to get settled in and start some new projects.  

Speaking of creative projects, this week I will be visiting the Noble Center in Indianapolis again to work on an art project with the artists there.  Normally I spend the morning doing a project with the participants and that’s the end of it until next visit.  This visit is different because they are preparing for a collaborative art show in June so several of the local artists (including me!) are spending time creating art there during the month of May.  The theme is loosely based on the Beatle’s and artists from the 60’s era.  The piece we will be creating together will feature Mick Jagger/The Rolling Stones.  What fun!  I’ve had one of their songs stuck in my head this past week as I’ve been repainting some wooden furniture to use in the studio.  I’ve seen enough of black paint for a while but caught myself humming “Paint it Black” on more than one occasion.  Perhaps that was just warming me up for this project?  

The reception for this event is Friday, June 5 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Wheeler Art Center in Fountain Square (1035 Sanders Street, Indianapolis) and is, of course, open to the public.  

I will post an update after our play date on Tuesday to show you how the piece is developing!  I hope to get all the basic pieces prepared during my visit and then assemble it at home.  I have a vision of what we’re doing but also enjoy “going with the flow” as we create so we’ll see what happens during the process.  The only thing I am certain of is that it will be fun!

Until next time…


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