Breaking the silence…

I think I must have gotten stage fright after being featured on the front page of Word Press last week.  🙂  I mean, really, how do I top that? I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to say or share.  Funny how we react to things, isn’t it?  Anyhow, I decided that today I absolutely HAD to post, even if it wasn’t anything overly exciting. Taking action is the hardest part of any task so I am pleased just to be typing!

Since last week I have finished the piece of artwork for the Best Buddies event, “The Art of Friendship” which will be held tomorrow evening.  My buddy this year, Angie, seemed to have a great time painting and creating and (although I am an acknowledged control freak) I did my best to step back and let her lead the way.  The painting went from abstract, to an underwater scene (the whale didn’t make the final cut but we had one ready!) and, eventually to butterflies, blue skies and sunshine.  After her work I did a bit of touching up, outlined the butterflies, finished the edge of the canvas and here is the final creation.

butterfly daydreams collaborative artwork for Best Buddies (c) 2009

"butterfly daydreams" collaborative artwork for Best Buddies (c) 2009

During the process of finishing this piece I also started some new mixed media pieces (still in progress) and started/completed an acrylic painting on canvas.  You’ll have to wait for my next post to see it though!

Until then,


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