New Metal Art

It’s been quite a while since my husband, Mark, and I have spent any time creating things with metal.  For the first time in three years he has decided to participate in an art fair…this Saturday at the Zionsville Autumn Artscape.  So last weekend we spent some time brainstorming and having fun out in his shop so he would have some new items for his booth.  Although we’ve created some really awesome metal wall sculptures and “serious art” he has found that he can sell these crazy critters, made from used part, like hotcakes at art fairs.  We did a few sketches of things we wanted to do and then started pulling parts off of the shelf and letting our imaginations go.

raw beginnings

raw beginnings

Once we had the parts laid out and a basic idea of how it would be assembled we’d throw them into bins and go on to the next, gathering lots of material and ideas at once before he began the welding process.

parts to make a cat

parts to make a “cat”

pieces for a dog laid out on the table

pieces for a “dog” laid out on the table

materials to create rattlesnakes

materials to create “rattlesnakes”

Then on to the welding process and, before we knew it, the shop was beginning to fill with these funky creatures!  I really get a kick out of seeing these come together, especially when it’s an animal we’ve never made before!  I’m all about the creative part, once we’ve done one I want to try something new.  Here are some of the new items we tried this time:







We also did new variations of some old favorites:







These photos were taken prior to the critters being cleaned/polished but it gives you a good idea of what we’ve been doing.  Of course I didn’t show you everything we created because I wanted to give you some incentive to come to the art fair and check them out for yourself! 🙂  See you then!


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