H1N1 Art?!

You just never know what life will send your way and during the last week it’s been all about battling germs.  The nasty flu germs.  Yup, H1N1 was in the house.  I almost afraid to say that I think I’ve managed to avoid it (knocking on wood!) I think if I make it through tomorrow without any symptoms I am going to be in the clear (at least from the germs that were here at home).  My two best friends have been the Lysol spray and the Purell hand sanitizer this week!  Along with good old fashion soap & water hand washing and paper towels. 🙂  If you are looking for some simple tips on lowering your risks I found this article to be very helpful: Swine Flu Prevention

Anyhow, the story here was that we got a note from my grandson’s daycare saying that they had a confirmed case there.  By the next day he was coughing, sneezing…it wasn’t long until he was running a fever & showing most of the symptoms.

at the doctors, wearing his mask

at the doctor's, wearing his mask, feeling lousy

So, he and Grandma got to spend LOTS of time together last week.  Probably too much, but we both survived! 🙂  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a sick little one to tend to and five days of it was a test, for sure. The first part of the week he felt so lousy we really didn’t do much of anything but wipe noses, cuddle, nap and get fluids and meds in him each day.  Finally on Thursday the fever subsided and he perked up a bit.  By Friday we were looking for things to do so we had another art play day!  Since it was too cold & rainy for us to go outside and paint like last time we did an inside project this time.  We started with a blank canvas and got out the markers and began to draw some random patterns and designs in different colors.

markers on the canvas

markers on the canvas

I will mention that the markers probably weren’t that important part of the project but we were also looking to use up part of a long day! After we got a good amount of the canvas covered we moved on to the next step. The next thing we did was pick out a selection of different colors and types of paper and then rip them into small squares (using up a little more of our day!) until we had quite a large pile of paper pieces.  Then came the sticky fun!  I layered a thin amount of clear acrylic on the canvas and he began to select paper scraps and apply them where he thought they should go.  After he laid them down I covered them with more acrylic and on & on it went.  Some areas ended up with 10 or 12 layers of paper on top of each other, so it has a surface that varies greatly in depth from place to place.

beginning to apply paper

beginning to apply paper

Adding more paper

Adding more paper

the pile of paper on the table is getting smaller!

the pile of paper on the table is getting smaller!

all finished & ready to dry

all finished & ready to dry

End result?  We spent well over an hour “working” and got a fun piece of art in the process.  It was dry the next morning and today I did some overpainting with white on it.



todays progress

today's progress

Although he’s well enough to return to daycare this week he & I will work on it again one evening.  The next phase?  I’m thinking we’re going to over lay threads on it.  Or feathers.  Maybe stickers.  I just throw out the ideas and let him decide!  It’s fun always fun to see where we end up and, as long as we’re having fun together, it doesn’t matter!

Makin’ lemonade from lemons,


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  1. Vicki Wynberg

     /  October 19, 2009

    Oh Lynne, I love your lemonade making . And you are making memories! this art is fantastic..of course I love acrylic, and playing around…haven’t tried feathers yet!! “Little Man” is adorable and lucky to have a fun Grandma.
    Hope he continues to be well, and you stay healthy, too.
    I’m getting ready for some Zzzzzz’s after playing with acrylic paint. 🙂 It’s so much fun…sometimes just seeing the amazing colors, and having paint all over me puts a silly grin on my face, and when the paint squirts out of the tube too fast, it makes me happier than I can imagine! and your blog will give me sweet dreams.
    Vicki 🙂


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