Mixed Media explosion!

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am working on a lot of new mixed media pieces.  I have completed many of them but just haven’t had/taken the time to photograph them and get them put online.  This a.m. I had a few minutes so I thought I could at least share one new image with you!  It is the first of five “abstract” wall hangings that I am creating.

"abstract #1" mixed media, 12x14", $225 (c) Lynne Medsker

I’ve yet to decide if the other four pieces will each be totally different color schemes or if they’ll all run in the warm/red/orange/copper spectrum. My original thought was each one totally different but I really have been enjoying these colors lately, it must be the fall colors influence.  Who knows what I’ll decide to do!  Stay tuned for more new images and, soon, a special offer to go along with them.  That will be coming in a week or two, don’t miss it!   If I can drag myself out of the studio between now & then I’ll try to keep you entertained with other news, photos and thoughts – I’m having an awful lot of fun being creative lately!

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