Weekend playdate

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with a dear friend yesterday! After some wine and nice meal we went out to the studio to play. Several months ago we had gone out for an afternoon of shopping and wandered into a local bead store.  Oh, wow!  We spent a couple of hours there selecting beads & findings and planning on a future date to create some jewelry pieces from all the treasures we gathered that day.  It took a lot longer than anticipated but we were finally able to accomplish that goal.  If you’ve read my blog at all you know how I love to play and experiment with different types of art and creative projects.  I have gone through a couple “bead” phases in my life and have a nice assortment of beads and all the what-nots it takes to assemble them into jewelry.  It has been a few years since I’ve actually done anything with them so it was fun to get everything out  and see what I had and what I might want to do.  Since it had been a few months since I purchased all the treasures at the bead store I really wasn’t sure what my original intent was for many of them! Most likely I didn’t do with them what I originally thought but that’s all part of being creative – going with the flow!  By the end of our afternoon I had finished five pair of earrings.  I am by no means technically excellent at the process but they are together and should stay that way.  Just don’t look to closely at the assembly! 🙂  I hope that everyone else had an enjoyable weekend and had a chance to do something fun!

Big smile,


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