More Abstract & Mixed

Last month I posted images of a series of abstract mixed media I had just completed and was going to display at an art show.  During the art show I had a potential client admire one of the pieces and talk with me about commissioning a similar, larger, version for her.  She called a few days later to confirm her interest and fill in a few details about what she would like me to create.  The first step in the process was to build the wooden base for the art piece.  I admit I am not an expert woodworker so I called in assistance, in the form of my husband, Mark.  Between the two of us we spent a Saturday getting it built.  Thankfully we work together well and it went smoothly. I so appreciate having someone so handy to help me with projects!  After that I painted the back of the piece and then applied all the aluminum to the front.

Work in Progress - Frame built and aluminum applied

The next step was to beginning drawing the designs into the metal.  I sometimes have trouble being really random in my patterns and markings, I’d like to call my style “orderly abstract”!   After that part had been completed next came the step of applying all the coloring with inks.  This was a much larger piece than the originals, almost 2 foot by 4 foot, so it took quite a while to finish each step.  Finally it was colored to my liking, the hangers were added to the back, and I was ready to add the metal details.

Work in Progress - Ink applied, waiting for metal

After arranging and rearranging the metal pieces and getting all the wire details bent and ready I secured each piece onto the base with a layer of clear acrylic gel.  Then I ever-so-patiently left it alone for two days to make sure it was totally dry and secure.  Once I was sure it was dry I signed the piece, photographed it for my records and wrapped it up securely in bubble wrap and plastic so I could deliver it to it’s new owner.  This was the first piece of custom made art she had ever commissioned and she was thrilled with it.  At some point I am hoping to get a photo of it in it’s new home!  In the meantime, here is the finished product:

"abstract #6" 22x48", sold (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker

Just a reminder to those of you interested in purchasing art – pricing for an original piece art costs no more than the original pieces I sell elsewhere, why not have it created specifically for you? We can work together to create something unique that makes a statement about who you are, the work you do, how you play, where you’ve been, what your passion is. You decide the size, the style, the colors, even words or quotes that please you and let me do the rest!

Creatively yours,


4 thoughts on “More Abstract & Mixed

  1. That piece is amazing! (hint, hint) Would LOVE to participate in a class on how to work with this medium. (hint, hint)

    1. Hey April! Thanks! I’ve got that idea in the back of my head and remembered you were interested, just haven’t sat down and looked at the schedule for having any classes this year. I will keep you in mind when I get to it!

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