Mandalas and such…

Last fall I began posting images of the mandalas I had started creating.  I keep coming back to them!  The process is creative and soothing at the same time, although I’m not producing them at the same rate as I did when I began I don’t feel like I’m finished making them either.  During a few different sessions over the last month I’ve made some new ones I am ready to share.  These first two are smaller pieces, about 5×5 inches each.

"mandala 24" marker & ink on paper, 5x5", $65 (framed) (c) Lynne Medsker
"mandala 25" marker & ink on paper, 5x5", $65 (framed) (c) Lynne Medsker

I like the small size because they are faster to complete and I have found pre-made frames with square openings that they display nicely in.  This next piece was an experiment!  It’s not truly a mandala but I used some of the same techniques and applied them to a rectangular form.  It ended up much looser than I had originally intended, as well as totally different colors and designs, but that’s sometimes how being creative goes and I try to just follow the flow where it takes me.

"mandala-ish art" 5x14" marker & ink on paper (c) Lynne Medsker

I haven’t decided if I’m excited about doing a different shape, I may try another one before I make up my mind one way or another.  Figuring out how to frame & present them will be a challenge as well…unless I fall in love with the shape and idea they may well remain unframed! This last piece I am really excited about/pleased with.  I made it as a Christmas gift for one of my best friends and felt like his life & art influenced it quite a bit (in a good way!).

"mandala 26" marker & ink on paper, 12x12", (NFS) (c) Lynne Medsker

It is one of the largest pieces I have done like this and I enjoyed the challenge of both a larger piece of work and of working other free-form designs in & around the mandala design. I’m think this is something I’d like to try again as well!  I’ve noticed that so far 2010 has been quite a hodge-podge of subjects in my postings…I wonder what will be next?

Keeping us guessing,


3 thoughts on “Mandalas and such…

  1. They all look great, but I really like the 5×14, maybe because it has a look of spring, bright refreshing colors that we are missing around here.
    The 12×12 you did for your friend is very bold and out there whcih I also like.

  2. Mandala 26 is my fave thus far! I LOVE the idea of adding something to the center. You’re giving me lots of ideas! 😉

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