Collaborative Artwork

I’ve been slowly working on a collaborative art piece with the fine people at Noble of Indiana.  They are getting ready for the “Art Salon” event at Meridian Design Group in downtown Indy.  It will be part of the first Friday events next week on February 5th.  You can find more details about this event by clicking HERE.  I love working with the people at Noble, it’s always a fun experience!  It had been a while since I had last done a project with them, way back in June of last year. This project started with a visit to the west side Noble center, shortly before Christmas.  It was a festive day there, with live music and LOTS of people.  Of course getting them off the dance floor and into the art area took a little persuasion but their wonderful art therapy person, Kate, managed to get a couple of them interested in making some art.  I had brought in some canvas paper and a few colors of acrylic paint and just asked them to cover the paper however they liked.  It didn’t take long for me to leave with a boxful of brightly painted images.  Although I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do with them it took me a while to get around to the actual work.  I started with some thin pieces of wood, cut into abstract shapes, as well as one other long, textured wood piece for an accent.

plain wood, possible configuration

After that was cut and sanded I played with a few different layouts and then got down to business.  The flat, abstract pieces were covered with a random assortment of images, colors and textures from the paintings.  Once dried the excess paper was cut away to reveal the original shape of the wood pieces.

applying the painted papers to wood
trimming excess paper

These pieces were then set aside and I began work on the accent piece.  First I covered it with a thin layer of aluminum.  Once that was finished I began applying different shades of colored inks, looking for the right combination to get a brilliant rusty orange color.

wood piece, covered in aluminum, starting to add colored ink

After that process was complete I set all the pieces aside for a few days to make sure they were good & dry.

drying before assembly

From there I finished the back of the pieces with some black paint and then played around with different configurations and made the decision on how to assemble the piece.  I decided that it needed a little something else so I dug around in my stashes of “stuff” and found these unpainted wood letters that spell out “dream” (one of my favorite words in the world!).  A quick coat of black paint and a slightly random pattern to them and I was happy.  Glue, clamps and some drying time and it was assembled and ready to go.  I couldn’t decide if it showed better on a white background or a black background so I photographed it on both.

"dream" collaborative mixed media (c) 2010
"dream" collaborative mixed media (c) 2010

What do you think?  In addition to this piece being on display next Friday I will also have artwork on display at the “after party” that night at Forty Five Degrees located at 765 Massachusetts Ave. Come out that night and enjoy some great art and support a great cause!


2 thoughts on “Collaborative Artwork

  1. Very cool. I must admit, before it was in the drying phase photo, I was questioning it, but it really came together nicely. I especially think the “dream” made it complete.

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