From Leftovers to Art…

leftover pieces of collage on paper

As promised in my last blog post, I am featuring a few miscellaneous art pieces created from the leftover “scraps” of a recent collage project. After selecting and cropping out eleven 5×5″ collage compositions from a larger collage on paper creation, there were lots of smaller, miscellaneous pieces still left (pictured above).  I went through them with an ATC-sized template and chose four sections that I thought would make nice ATC’s (you can read more about ATC’s on my website by clicking HERE). I may add more embellishments to these before I declare them completely finished!

set of four ATC's (untitled) collage on paper (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

After I cropped out the cards I still had a nice size pile of scrap pieces left.  I laid them out in several arrangements and came upon one that I was really happy with so I continued to build on that. Using the basic assembly techniques that I use in my mixed media pieces I built up the composition in several different layers & heights, then added a few additional embellishments to vary the texture. Finally, I secured all the pieces in place.  If you’ve not noticed in previous creations I love uneven numbers, particularly the number three when I am creating art.  Many of my pieces have groupings of three items within them.  This one has several sets of three similar objects in it, which made coming up with a title easy!

"3+3+3" mixed media/collage, 8x10" (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I assembled this in a different orientation but once it was finished I turned it all four directions and decided I liked the way it presented facing this direction.  I am sometimes surprised at how the finished product ends up, but as long as I’m happy with it ultimately that’s all that matters. Seems like there’s a life lesson in there somewhere too – looking at all sides of a situation – but I’ll leave that for you to muse on instead of spelling out my thoughts on the subject.

Eyes open,


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