In the background…

As I continue to explore and play with collage on paper I thought it would be fun to show you some of the prep done to the background paper for a new set of collages.  I worked on two sets at the same time last week, today I will show you the prep for the one and tomorrow I’ll post the background paper for the other.  Although sometimes not much of this ends up showing through it does seem to set the “mood” for the imagines and papers that I choose to use to create the collages. I get caught up in the process and forget to take photos of each & every step so a bit had been done before I took this first photo.

background paper, image #1

I used a texture plate & acrylic paint to add the black, feathery, details to the paper and then just used a few stamps (also in black acrylic paint) and added the larger images. There’s also a small section where I has started adding watercolor on top of the acrylic patterns.  I continued with the watercolor for quite a while, adding more colors here & there.

background paper, image #2
background paper, image #3

Eventually I was happy and the entire piece was covered. The colors look quite bold while they are still wet!

background paper image #4

Once the piece dried the colors are more muted and soft, which is what I wanted for a background, I don’t need it to compete for attention with the upper layers of the artwork!

background paper, image #5
background paper, image #6

If you look closely you can see I got out the stamps and used the wet watercolors to stamp more designs around the paper before it dried. Tomorrow’s paper will be something different…instead of paints I started off the design using coffee & tea to stain the paper!

Stay tuned,


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