Collage x2

"motivation" collage on paper, 5x5" (c) Lynne Medsker

Last week I posted images from a collage series that I had done. Looking back I can tell I was really excited about it because, were I to post that again today, I wouldn’t have included every image! I have trouble selecting what artwork to show in my blog and, when it’s something new I’m really happy about, I tend to just put up everything!  So THIS time I was a little more selective and will just be showing you the images that I would actually frame and display…not every piece I created! 🙂

In Monday’s post I showed you the process I used to create the background paper for this collage set. Once the background paper was created then I had the fun of selecting what images and papers I would use.

magazine clippings

As you can see, I had plenty to choose from! After I decide which ones I want to use I divide them roughly into three piles…the larger images go on first, followed by the medium images and whatever papers I want to include and then the small details are added last.  After the entire piece is assembled & dried then I use a mat to view different areas of the composition and decide which ones will be cut out, matted and eventually framed.

"the sky's the limit" collage on paper, 5x7" (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
"the science of fun" collage on paper, 5x7" (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

From this project I found two 5×7 compositions that I was pleased with and another three 5×5.  I happened to have three 5×5 mats that had been cut off center, so I used those for this particular group.

"sweet" collage on paper, 5x5" (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
"balance" collage on paper, 5x5" (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

One more post about collage and then we’re going to move onto some digital art – created from images of the scraps that were leftover from the collage projects!

Mixing it up!


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