Get the whole picture!

Morning fog & sunrise (image 7) 3-8-10 (c) Lynne Medsker

Dear Blog Readers,

Today I wanted to tell you a story about a very wonderful person who was kind enough to read my blog. (That’d be YOU, by the way!) They stopped by on a regular basis and were nice enough to even leave a comment or two when the mood struck them.  What they hadn’t done yet was joined my “Fan Page” on Facebook.  “Why would I need that?” they wondered to themselves. “I read the blog, even visit the website, what else could there be?” And this is what I’d tell them. You would get just a bit MORE of what you are already enjoying!

Morning fog & sunrise (image 3) 3-8-10 (c) Lynne Medsker

Take for instance, the images in today’s blog post. These were taken last week during an early morning when the fog was thick and the sun was just peeking over the horizon.  First off, you’d know the images were coming because I put a comment up about being unable to resist going out to take the photos in the early morning fog – even if I were in my pajamas! And then, later that day, you’d get to see a nice selection of the photos.  Not just a few, like I post on my blog, and not just the one or two that might be selected for inclusion on the webpage. Oh, no…you’d get MORE.  And don’t we all like more? (Perhaps I should have titled today’s post “Get ALL the pictures”!)

Another benefit of signing up for my Facebook Fan Page, is that when the blog is updated, you’ll get notified.  When the website is updated, you’ll get notified. When there’s an exhibit, show, article, class, workshop or other exciting information, well yes, you’ll get notified! Many times things are posted on the fan page before they appear anywhere else. And, if you’re ever curious what I’m up to, I even post updates about that from time to time.

Morning fog & sunrise (image 6) 3-8-10 (c) Lynne Medsker

SO, to recap –  Fan Page = MORE.  MORE = GOOD!  Join the fun today!


PS – While you’re in the mood to do some joining, why not follow me on Twitter @lynnemedsker!

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