Fuji FinePix JZ500 Camera – Review, Part 2

Last week I posted the first part of a camera review for a newly acquired point & shoot camera I had purchased. I’ve had another week to play with the camera off & on and thought I’d post an update. I guess I am more of a “learn by doing” person because I still haven’t gotten the CD with the instruction manual out of the box and looked at it. Perhaps I’ll get to that soon and share a few more things I’ve discovered.  In the meantime here are some more photos, thoughts and discoveries from my exploration. All images shown are straight from the camera with no adjustments made. One setting I’ve had fun playing with shoots two pictures back-to-back, the first with natural light and then second with a flash so you can choose which one you prefer.  Pretty cool! The first time I tried it I was indoors and really didn’t have enough light to get a good natural light photo so that version is pretty fuzzy (3 year olds don’t stand still for photos, no matter what light you are working with!).

test photo, sample 1, (natural light) fuji finepix JZ500 camera
test photo, sample 2, (auto flash) fuji finepix JZ500 camera

But the flash one turned out just fine. The second set of examples were taken outdoors, there was enough natural light for both to be in focus so then it just comes down to personal preference on which lighting you like.

test photo, sample 3, (natural light) fuji finepix JZ500 camera
test photo, sample 4, (auto flash) fuji finepix JZ500 camera

The next image was taken inside a building in the evening with very low light. The camera was able to find what I was shooting and focus on it (you never know in low light!) so that was a good start.  I snapped the photo and up it popped on the screen. Then a box closed in around the face, zoomed in, detected the red eyes from the flash and corrected them. I probably would have been expecting that if I’d gotten to the manual but instead it just turned out to be a really cool surprise!

test photo, sample 5, (auto red eye correction) fuji finepix JZ500 camera

Although the photo quality probably isn’t anything you’d want to enlarge (seemed a bit grainy) it made a fine snapshot image. Something else I discovered it has was a facial recognition system, you can actually type in a person’s name with their image and it will know who they are the next time you photograph them. Fancy stuff!  🙂 My next experiment was during a performance at a local mall. It took fairly decent non-zoom photos just using the lighting in the building but I was disappointed with the lack of flash power or ability to capture the available light when I zoomed in. I know point & shoots aren’t known for powerful flashes but from just 15 feet or so away the flash really didn’t seem to help much once the zoom was engaged.

test photo, sample 6, (indoors, available light, no zoom) fuji finepix JZ500 camera
test photo, sample 7, (indoors, flash, full 10x zoom) fuji finepix JZ500 camera

There is probably enough light in the second image that it could be salvaged through photo editing but as far as “straight from the camera” I wasn’t impressed. Oh well, nothing is perfect, right?

One evening I took time to play with another feature – the color selection. There is, of course, standard color but it also has a black & white setting as well as a sepia setting. Here are samples of each one:

sample image 8, natural color photo, Fuji FinePix JZ500
sample image 9, black & white photo, Fuji FinePix JZ500
sample image 10, sepia photo, Fuji FinePix JZ500

Although all that can be done with photo editing software it’s a fun feature to play with.  I do need to mention that I have also been testing out the HD video feature. I’ve not attempted to post any of them online yet so I can’t share samples. So far it’s done well, although the ones in low light were a little grainy. The ones with lots of light were tack sharp and, for such a tiny camera, it captures the sound very well too. SO, that’s all for now…I will try and wrap up my thoughts with one more post in the future!

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3 thoughts on “Fuji FinePix JZ500 Camera – Review, Part 2

  1. Thank you for the two posts on this camera, which I plan to buy this week. You convinced me. Would be nice if you uploaded a video, but I’m still getting this cam since it’s small, cheap, but relatively good build.



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