Don’t Blink!

It seems like trees can sprout full-grown leaves in just a matter of days! Or, maybe, I don’t always pay close enough attention to the transition from bare branches, to buds, to leaves. This year I am trying to notice the changes being made each day. Already I have trees in different stages of progress! Some are still just bare or have tiny buds.

“spring leaves #1” © 2010, Lynne Medsker

Others are sprouting things I can’t even identify!

“spring leaves #2” © Lynne Medsker

A few have just a peek of a leaf showing here & there.

“spring leaves #4” © Lynne Medsker

Of course there are always a few show offs that have to go ahead and just push out their leaves before I can even see what they are up to!

“spring leaves #3” © Lynne Medsker

I enjoy watching them grow & change each day until they are full of leaves and ready to take on another year. It seems just a short while ago I was showing photos of leaves that were falling! As the years pass so quickly I sometimes feel like I need to run to keep up. Yet other times I thoroughly enjoy savoring each little moment, and each little leaf, as it happens.

Seize the day!


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