Have you missed the mandalas?

"mandala #28" marker & ink, 12x12" (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I haven’t posted any new mandala images since February! If you’ve just been waiting for some new ones, then today is your lucky day! Both of these mandalas are of the larger variety…a whopping 12×12″ each versus my normal 5×5″ size. Which means they also take quite a bit longer to create, several hours were put into each one. I used my time at this year’s “ArtsGo!” to finish #28 (above) and create #29 (below). In between chatting with visitors and artists I had my mandala supplies with me and was able to demonstrate how they are made. It was fun to see the curiosity and excitement that some of the visitors had while watching me work!

"mandala #29" marker & ink, 12x12" (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I will be working on my schedule of summer/fall classes soon and one request I’ve had is instruction on creating mandalas. If you’d like some guidance and encouragement for creating your own beautiful mandalas then be on the lookout for more details soon!


3 thoughts on “Have you missed the mandalas?

  1. For the record, I participated in the mandala class last year that Lynn did and it was a lot of FUN! Who knew these beautiful and complex pieces of art were so easy to create! I now have several ideas in the works for my own collect of mandalas-if only I could find some time to sit still and work on them. 🙂 I highly recommend you take this fun class when it becomes available!

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