(untitled) mixed media, prior to re-working (c) Lynne Medsker

Some pieces of art just seem to “stop” suddenly. If I’m creative, inspired or lucky I can get them past this pause in progress fairly quick. Other times, I’m none of those things and the piece just has to sit & wait.  This particular piece has been in it’s “waiting” stage for a few years.  I would study it, knew I liking it but also knew it just wasn’t where it was suppose to be.  I started the piece using some air-dry clay and adding ridges & textures all over the piece. Then some color and, eventually, collaged paper around the built up area and finished it with more paint.  It was colorful & interesting but just felt, well, scattered I guess would be a good description. Too much going on!

It’s been sitting out in my studio for a couple of months ago when i re-discovered it during a cleaning expedition. I finally decided what I really wanted to emphasis was the texture of the built up clay. I love creating texture and with all the other things going on in this piece the cool textures had gotten lost.  I also frequently like to hide items beneath layers so this change gave me a chance to do both those things at once.

(untitled) reworked mixed media piece (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I sponged a layer of white paint over quite a bit of the surface around & between the clay and then wiped a layer of black over the top of the clay pieces to highlight the texture. I followed that by adding some black over the white to bring some consistency to the piece.  There are still areas where the designs underneath show through, making it interesting to run your eyes over and find the hidden pieces that still exist.

detailed of untitled mixed media, reworked (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I started reworking another piece that’s been waiting just as long but came to another stopping point. We’ll see how long I’ll need to stare at it before inspiration hits again!

Patiently waiting,


One thought on “Reworked…

  1. I had to chuckle when I saw this post. I am currently doing the same thing. I’ve had this canvas for 2 years in my garage and am working to try to make it an appealing piece. It has too much texture and is too dark. Very boring. Don’t know what it will become but I’m messing with it.

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