I’m a winner!

"relaxed" 1st Place, Professional BW Portraits, Indiana State Fair (c) Lynne Medsker

I found out over the weekend that two of my three photography entries at this year’s Indiana State Fair won ribbons, including a BLUE! It’s always a nice affirmation to find out that an image that I am excited about also excites others.  Asking another person to scrutinized your work can leave you feeling more than a bit vulnerable, wondering how a stranger’s eyes see your cherished creations. That being said, having a small number of judging jobs on my resume, I understand that judging is a very subjective process and that no two judges will see things exactly the same! I judge using whatever my definition of beauty is on that particular day, factor in story-telling, uniqueness, skill, and intent into the equation to determine the final outcome. There are so many outside influences during any given day I doubt the outcome would be the same if judge the next day. I would not want to be the panel of judges that have to sort, score & critique all the entries that are turned in at the fair each year.

"sisters" Honorable Mention, Professional BW Portraits, Indiana State Fair (c) Lynne Medsker

So I am pleased that this time, the light was right, the judges had a good nights sleep, no confrontations with their unruly teenagers, ate a good meal, were given a comfortable room to work in and none of their underwear was too tight!  🙂  As an added bonus these images are of my new granddaughters – I’m double proud!



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