10 months…

Yeah, 10 months. That’s how long it took me to get these pieces finished…

"aetherius", triptych, 6x6 each, $125 for set (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

As I was getting ready to upload the images for this blog I had a feeling that at some point I had already shown the first step in a previous blog. And, after a little searching, I discovered the post from last October. I knew these had been “in progress” a while but wouldn’t have guessed it was that long ago! The other thing I discovered was that I’d done a lot of work on them that never got photographed. So you’ll have to make your imagination leap a bit this time. 🙂 Here’s the first image I have of them:

work in progress, image #1 (c) L. Medsker

At that point they were covered with acrylic gel for texture…waiting to dry. Next, I had added several layers of paint/glaze on top of the gel. This is an image in the middle of that process:

work in progress, image #2 (c) L. Medsker

When I began working on them again last week there were several more layers on top of the reds & blues show above. I didn’t realize at the time that there were no photos of that stage and I just began working on them without taking an image first. So, here’s the part where you use your imagination! These were another set of images that I used the sand/gesso mixture on to add a rough texture to the surface, you can get a peek at some of the underneath layers since I didn’t cover the entire thing with the sand/gesso.

work in progress, image #3 (c) L. Medsker

Once that had dried I began covering it with washes of watercolor & acrylic until I was happy with the colors.

work in progress, image #4 (c) L. Medsker

I added just a bit more color and after that dried then I covered the entire piece with a clear glaze. Seems quick & simple now I’ve written it in a blog, even if that’s not how it happened. Creativity is a mysterious thing!

Puzzled & pleased,


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  1. Your pictures don’t show up. Could you have a button to direct people to view online if the pictures don’t show up?


  2. Rita…is it just this post or don’t they show in any of the posts? Has it always been like that? I will see if there is a way to link the photos differently maybe. Thanks so much for letting me know!


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