Have a little class, won’t you?

Or, have a big class – I’d be happy either way! If you haven’t checked out the recent updates on my website lately be sure to visit it soon. If you haven’t noticed, I always recap what’s been updated on the front page to help you navigate. One of the biggest changes is in the “Classes” section of the site. I really do enjoy sharing my love of art with others but have difficulty figuring out when and what to share. SO, for the fall sessions I am going with a “build it yourself” style of classes. The topics available are: Gelatin Prints, Intuitive Collage, Mandala Art, Mixed Media on Illustration Board and Mixed Media Wall Sculptures. (You can find details, costs & links to examples of each of these topics on the Classes page of the website.) Also listed on that page are dates that I am currently available to present those topics. Pick a topic, choose your date, grab a friend or two and we are set for a few hours to an entire day’s worth of fun! Sign up soon to be sure you get the date you want…I’m ready for you!


image from a mixed media workshop (c) Lynne Medsker

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