Wall sculpture #29

"wall sculpture #29" (c) 2010, Lynne & Mark Medsker

A short post for you this Monday morning! If for no other reason it’s short because I only have two photos. 🙂 Ooops! Honestly I think there are more photos somewhere but I can’t seem to locate them so this will have to do. This is another wall sculpture that we made for Saturday’s recycled art show (thanks to those of you who visited and shopped!). It started with an old piece of semi-rusted sheet metal that we cut into a long, skinny, rectangle. After that we played with layouts using various brass bearings until we were happy. Holes were cut on the back of the sheet metal to access the back of the bearings for welding. A few were cut open so that you can see through the circles! After the welding it was clear coated and then I took the piece into my studio. Using various colors ink I added bright colors to the tops of all the brass pieces and then re-sealed the entire piece.

work in progress, wall sculpture 29 (c) 2010, Mark & Lynne Medsker

We then began working on the wood frame. After it was framed I had to decide how to finish the wood…stain or paint, metallic or flat, and what color? It took me a day or two to decide that I wanted to bring out the red/rust color so I painted a light wash of acrylic over the wood to “stain” it. Now I can’t imagine having done it in any other color!

Look for more new art tomorrow!


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