A little Monday morning inspiration?

I am finding myself overwhelmed with tasks and short on time so the blog post will be short & sweet today! I’ve got some finished art pieces, photos and works in progress to share soon but for now I thought I’d show you this image:

(c) lynne medsker

I am starting some new mixed media pieces using clippings – I played with a pile of different words & sayings I’d cut from various magazines, these are the ones that I decided to use on these three little canvases. I was looking for something positive & encouraging to share and was happy with the way each of these flowed. I love to play with words, text, letters & numbers so it’s fun to incorporate that into my art. Since I took this image yesterday afternoon I’ve laid down a few light washes of color on the canvas. Today I’ll be adding more color & some texture to them, applying the clippings and then adding a few more layers on top of that.  I’m thinking of adding some wax markings within the composition too…who knows where they will go!

Floating along,


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