De-Cluttered, finally!

de-clutter office space, December 2010

I knew when I got ready to write this post that “a few months ago” I had mentioned my need to organize and de-clutter my office workspace. When I went to find the original post I was amazed to see that it was from way back in September of 2009! That has to be one of the slowest projects ever!! And I thought posting it on my blog would make me feel more accountable and move faster. 🙂 The picture at the top of this post is taken from the doorway into the room, not only has it been cleaned and organized, somewhere along those fifteen months a futon was added to the room too so it can occasionally double as a guest room when needed. It also is a pretty cozy place to take a nap! Here are the rest of the images, I put them in the same order as they were on the original post if you want to compare.

It’s not perfect, nor do I ever expect it to be…but it’s functional and I am not ashamed to invite people in to it if needed! I was really excited to get the back closet cleaned out and engineer a way to hang all my large art papers in there, I know I will use them a lot more this way vs. having them in rolls leaning against the wall or tucked in corners.  It seems like I’ve been on quite a cleaning & organizing kick the last couple of months. Knowing that winter is upon us and I’ll be spending the next few months inside I wanted to make it as comfortable & easy to use as possible. So far, so good! Next project? Looking for homes for the new items that will make their way into our home during Christmas.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “De-Cluttered, finally!

  1. I’m impressed! Don’t feel bad about the decluttering taking so long. I’ve been on the decluttering bit off & on since I left Pfizer – 3 years ago!

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