In the meantime…

I am getting so anxious for spring! As the month of March is looming on the calendar I know it can’t be far away. Yet I am looking out my window at snowflakes lazily falling to the ground today. Sigh! In the meantime I have been doing some pre-spring cleaning of my website.

Along with a much needed update of images and info it’s getting a makeover as well. Changing around the way portfolios are accessed, organizing things in a (hopefully) better flowing manner and just generally spiffing it up. The biggest change will be that I am eliminating the separate website for portrait photography and blending it in with my art site! Selecting, uploading and creating the pages for all the portrait images has been more time consuming than I ever imagined! It has been well over a month that I’ve been working on it but we’ve hit many bumps in the road at our house, from ice storms to the flu being passed around (twice!) and even the loss of a parent.

I am back at work on all the revisions now and hope to have it finished within a week (she says hopefully!). Since my show is now up at the Plainfield Library I am taking a short break from studio work to focus my creative energies on getting this project finished. Then I can start working on some new art for a show in April!

I’m so glad I have this blog to keep people up to date on events while the website is languishing…one of my goals (once it’s finished) is to do bi-weekly updates of the site so that it won’t get stale and outdated again. In the meantime be sure to check back here for current news and also for the announcement of the big “unveiling” when the site is finally updated.

Busy, busy,


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