Do you “Like” me yet?

If you are a Facebook user I hope that you’ve found me there and clicked the “Like” button on my fan page! Click this link to go directly there, after that it’s just a short click on the “Like” button and you will get updates about my art, events, previews of new images and notification each time I’ve posted to the blog. How easy is that?! If you have already done that – THANK YOU!! I’d really appreciate it if you would please share the page with your friends, too.

Another way to “Like” me is right here on the blog! At the top of the page there is a “Like” button too. Anytime you read a post that you particularly enjoy, be sure to click on that button as well!

After finishing the webpage improvements & updates last week I will be heading back to the studio tomorrow. I am excited as well as a bit lost…I don’t have a specific project pending right now. I’ll be free to create whatever strikes my fancy! Which sounds wonderful but there are so many things I think I’d like to do it will take me a bit to decide which one to choose. 🙂 I guess that’s not a bad dilemma to have though, is it?

Chat again soon!


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