Life & Growth in the Studio…

Last April I wrote a post about “Claude” the new plant that had joined me in the studio. I’m happy to say that not only is he alive almost a year later, he’s actually grown and thriving!

"Claude" April 2010
"Claude" March 2011

I’ve not been known for my ability to tend to live plants so I am proud that he’s doing so well. It took some effort, when the weather was colder I would carry him out to the studio when the fireplace had it warmed, set him on the table to soak up sunshine and bring him back in the house at night (the studio drops to 50 degrees when I’m not using it). I’ll admit that a few times I left the poor guy in the cold but I think that he’s grown strong with the nurturing he’s had because he survived with only the loss of a leaf or two. That got me to thinking that the watering, nurturing and attention that it takes to keep a plant alive, healthy and growing is a lot like keeping artistic creativity thriving. If you ignore it, leave it in the cold or dark for too long or take it for granted it begins to shrivel and die! I think having Claude around will remind me of that, which makes him not only decorative, but functional. 🙂


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