Fun Print Exchange!

I wanted to pass along some info about a print exchange being held at Oxbow Press in Reno, Nevada. It’s called the “2.25 International Print Exchange” and here are the guidelines (copied from their blog):

An Open Call for Un-Juried Print Exchange Due June 20th, 2011

Exhibit Dates July 1 – August 27th, 2011

Welcome to 2.25; fun on a small scale! Oxbow Press encourages you to create and print an edition with a plate that is only 2.25”x2.25”. That’s pretty tiny!  There is no image theme and there are no restrictions besides image size so please go crazy with your little creation. All entrants will be exhibited at the Oxbow Press Gallery. 2.25 will be on display in the during Artown 2011 . Now, read the guidelines and get started!

By submitting ten of your prints your work will be displayed in the show (one piece) and distributed to other participating artists, in return you will receive nine prints selected from other participants. What a fun way to share your art while collecting others! I have this on my list of art projects and am excited to participate. One of the organizers, Candace Nicol, taught a printmaking class that I attended a few years ago. Her enthusiasm and lovely attitude made it a wonderful experience!

Visit the link to their site to read the details and fine print…I hope you’ll think about participating!

Go for it!


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