Interested in a class or workshop?

sample image, acrylic & watercolor on paper © Lynne Medsker

My calendar has begun to fill up and I only have a few openings for classes & workshops between now and fall! If you are interested please be sure to contact me and get on the schedule SOON! Currently the first two weeks of June, as well as the first two weeks of August are the only dates that are available.

sample image, three-piece mixed media collage © Lynne Medsker
sample image, gelatin print © Lynne Medsker

Topics for classes or workshops are: Acrylics & Watercolor on Paper, Three-Piece Mixed Media Collage, Gelatin Prints, Intuitive Collage, Mandala Art, Mixed Media on Illustration Board and Mixed Media Wall Sculptures. Sample images of all these projects are sprinkled throughout this post! For details  about required class sizes, length and cost (and even MORE sample images!) visit my “Classes” page on the web.

sample image, intuitive collage © Lynne Medsker
sample image, mandala art © Lynne Medsker

Call or email to add your favorite topic to the schedule, I look forward to getting creative with you soon!

sample image, mixed media on illustration board © Lynne Medsker
sample image, mixed media wall sculptures © Lynne Medsker


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