Sun & Earth Mandala

sun & earth (prior to being divided!) mixed media mandala on watercolor paper © Lynne Medsker

Yes, another mandala! Next post, probably more mandalas. After that? Still have some I haven’t shown you but I’ll try to change it up somewhere there in the middle of things so you don’t get bored! 🙂 This is the first of a few pieces that I have been working on lately. I’m still working on that “use what ya got!” attitude and I found three frames with double opening mats that I thought would be fun to feature some mandalas in. Created with the idea of cutting them in half once completed made me think a bit about how to lay them out on the paper but it didn’t take too long to come up with a few different designs I thought would work. Here is a photo of today’s mandala after the watercolor had been applied over the design. work in progress image © lynne medskerAfter the colored ink was added to get to the step shown at the top of the page then came the hard part. Getting out the scissors! Something about cutting up a newly created piece of art just feels wrong, even when it was pre-planned. Despite it being a bit concerning, I really liked the outcome once it was in the frame!

"sun & earth" part 1 & 2, mixed media mandala, framed to 11x22" $95 © Lynne Medsker

So all’s well that ends well! Currently this piece is located in my studio, feel free to schedule a time to stop in & view it. Even better, let’s re-locate it to your home or office, I bet you have a perfect spot for it!


3 thoughts on “Sun & Earth Mandala

  1. Thank you for letting me stop over yesterday and check out the mandalas. You are an inspiration to me to keep finding time to work on what I enjoy.

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