Monday = Mandala!

"split personality" 1 & 2, mixed media mandala on paper, framed to 11x22" $95 © Lynne Medsker

Well, a lot of Monday posts have featured mandalas so I figured the title would work. Plus it’s getting tough to find new titles for mandala posts! 🙂 Similar the the “Sun & Earth” mandala post last week the two finished pieces I’m showing here each started as a single piece with the notion they’d be cut in two for display/framing purposes. Here is what they (plus another unfinished piece) looked like after they were drawn:

work in progress, ink outlines © lynne medsker

From that stage they were then given some washes of watercolor to make the backgrounds interesting. The watercolor tends to fade out/discolor the bold black lines so I re-applied many of those before heading to the final coloring stage:

work in progress, watercolor added, select ink outlines reapplied © lynne medsker

Here are the two pieces, finished, before they were cut in half:

"split personality" before being split! © lynne medsker
"divided" before being divided © lynne medsker

Lastly, here is the second piece in it’s matting, ready to go into it’s frame:

"divided" mixed media mandala on paper, framed to 11x22, $95 © Lynne Medsker

These two particular pieces are now hanging at Healing Arts Indy, in downtown Indianapolis. I’ve got a couple of the larger mandalas to share with you soon, then who knows what we might get into. 🙂

Have a great week!


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