© Lynne Medsker

Much of our time at the park was spent hiking around the lakes. We hiked Lake Ogle the first day we arrived but after we visited Strahl Lake that was our favorite hangout. It had FROGS! Lots & lots of frogs!

© Lynne Medsker

My grandson declared “We are frog hunters!” and we spent many hours hiking along the shore spotting these guys in water and along the path.

© Lynne Medsker

My favorite story of the trip is when we saw a frog swimming toward the shore and my grandson asked my husband “Poppy, what’s that frog doing?” My husband said, “He’s swimming to the bank.” To which my grandson exclaimed, “POPPY! Frogs don’t go to the bank!” LOL!

© Lynne Medsker

Of course we heard a lot more of them jumping in the water than we actually spotted, sneaking up on frogs is a hard thing to do when you are four years old!

© Lynne Medsker
© Lynne Medsker

This one has to be my favorite, he was very patient with me as I clicked his photo. I’d swear he posed for me! 🙂

© Lynne Medsker

I hope you have a “hoppy” weekend, I’ll be back next week with more…

6 thoughts on “Frogs!

    1. Thanks Rose! Forgot to mention we brought home a bunch of tadpoles too, we’re watching them grow and then setting them loose up at our pond. 🙂

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