work in progress, mandala 22x28" © lynne medsker

Just a work-in-progress shot to share with you this morning. I’ve been working on this piece off & on this week, in between recuperating and waiting for paint to dry on a few other pieces. It’s currently damp with the watercolor that’s been added to it, with stacks of books layered over it’s surface so that it will dry reasonably flat. Lots of other small shapes have been added to it since I snapped this photo. It also has a quote added to it – “Let the things you love be your escape”  Once the swirling colors have dried on it’s surface I still have the task of filling in many of the small areas with different color inks. That’s the normal process, but this piece isn’t the normal size I work with – it’s a whopping 22×28″!  Although it’s large the process has been comfortable as I ease back into studio life. I’ve begun having some new ideas & images dancing in my head so I am confident that I am finally on the mend after 10 days of feeling lousy. Woo, hoo!

Enjoy the holiday weekend,


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