Mandala Class recap

Saturday morning was the mandala class at Gallery on the Square in Danville, Indiana. We ended up with a class of seven students, each one of them enthusiastic and ready to learn. Just the way I like ’em! 🙂 Here are images of some of their creations in different stages of completion.

When class was complete each of them said they were ready to explore mandalas at home and seemed excited to dig out their compasses and rulers and get busy creating. I enjoying sharing things that I love to do! It’s really rewarding when others fall in love with them as well.

Tomorrow? Images from the afternoon mixed media class! Stay tuned!


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  1. so glad to have found your blog via a link posted on fb from a fellow mandala-maker. enjoyed see these pics from your class! blessings!

    • Thanks Stacy! I’ve been hooked on them every since I discovered them and love showing other people how to create them. I’m glad you found me!

  2. Saw your note about your mandala work. Feel free to take a look at mine—I’d love to share it with you sometime. lisa

    • Lovely Lisa! I loved the images, resources and spiritual nature of your site & work!

  3. Donna

     /  June 13, 2011

    Looks like you had a wonderful group of students. I am so glad I took your class in the fall have made many mandala projects since then

    • Seems like you were going to try the watercolor mandalas – have you done any yet?


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