Flights of Fancy, part 2

"flights of fancy" 3 of 4 pieces shown, mixed media © 2011 Lynne Medsker

Yesterday I showed the beginning steps for the completed canvas pieces shown above. We left off with a layer of white acrylic having been applied on top of a colorful background:

work in progress, image 10 © lynne medsker

I’ve created several pieces of art using this type of background, generally added more details with black paint once the white dried. But I wanted these to be a bit different. Many months ago I had cut out a sheet of wood into various shapes to use in wall sculptures. For some reason many of them resembled birds when I was done with the cutting process. I pulled four of these wood shapes, along with a 8″ round canvas, and laid them on top of one of the canvases I was painting. Then I grabbed some dark spray paint and began to highlight around the edges of pieces laying on the canvas, leaving their silhouette behind. I also shaded the edges/corners of each piece with the spray paint. I re-applied the shapes & paint to the other two canvases and then set them aside to dry.

work in progress, image 11 © lynne medsker

I felt like the shapes needed more definition so I outlined each one with a thick black pencil but it still didn’t make them pop out the way I wanted. Out came the squeeze bottle of black paint!

work in progress, image 12 © lynne medsker

That was the end of the work for the day as I like to let the outlines dry for at least 24 hours before I do anything else. As you can tell by the finished image at the top of the page, each piece has a stripe of copper paint added to it as a finishing touch.

Since I had out the wood cut shapes I began to play around with a wall sculpture piece using some of the wood pieces that I had used to spray paint over. Eventually I decided it belonged with the three canvas pieces and set about making it blend with them.

work in progress, image 13 © lynne medsker

Just as the canvases had, the wood got a nice blend of pastel shades, followed by a layer of white paint and a dash of “splatter” to bring it all together. The cutout shapes got some splatter too! When that was dried it also got a spritz of spray paint around the outside edge to tone down the bright white paint. I had played with different compositions and decided to include two of the wood shapes along with some other pieces that were in my stash. I included the same copper paint on this piece to help tie it in with the canvases as well.

work in progress, image 14 © lynne medsker

I began assembling the pieces I’d selected before I decided to color the three metal accent pieces with ink to add a bit more color (see the finished image). I also felt that there needed to be some detail in the center of the larger brass piece so I added the smaller circles at varying heights as the last step.

"flights of fancy" 1 of 4 pieces shown © 2011, Lynne Medsker

Ta, da! As far as arrangement for hanging these pieces together, well, there are so many combinations and designs I haven’t been able to decide just yet. That will be the final step of the entire process. There’s always something more to do!

Be sure to visit again soon – I will be announcing four new classes that will be coming during July & August! Have your calendar ready so you can add one or two to your schedule!


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  1. rose richard

     /  June 22, 2011

    Another beautiful creation!


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