detail of "breathe" mixed media wall sculpture © 2011, Lynne Medsker

Today? A new piece of art created as a commission!  Always a fun process with lots of questions and feedback to guide the piece to it’s finished state. So many things to ask – what materials are preferred, colors, shapes, design, textures, size? Where will it be located in the house? Does it need to be flat or dimensional? Once I get a basic feel for where we are going then I can play around with some layouts within those parameters. Here is the very “rough draft” of what I proposed the client:

work in progress, rough draft of design

(I always cross my fingers that they can “see” past what is presented, which was no problem in this instance. If not then I do some computer enhancements to help aid their imagination!) Once I’ve got approval then I move on to actually finishing all the pieces, with this piece we wanted a variety of surface textures so I started with a layer of glue on the background piece that would eventually dry clear and would add a bit of design to the flat, black background without overpowering the rest of the piece.

work in progress - glue design on background

Then on to the smaller pieces!

work in progress - adding surface finishes to detail pieces

The bottom/largest piece was painted black and then sprinkled with black sand when it was still wet. The center piece was painted with copper acrylic and the smallest/top piece was covered in aluminum and colored with inks for a bright splash of color. If you hadn’t figured it out yet, the large circular object attached to the background is an old LP record!

work in progress - starting to assemble finished pieces

I ended up covering it with a very rough texture of aluminum and coloring it with the main color of the piece (a burgundy hue) and some splashes of the apple green. The larger pieces of wood in the composition had more of the burgundy coloring blended onto them, plus I added a bit of green to the grey rock so it would blend with the piece. Here are those pieces drying after being colored:

work in progress - colored wood pieces, etc. drying

The small wood spacers used to vary the height on the different pieces were all painted black to blend into the background piece and finally it was time to put it all together!

"breathe" mixed media wall sculpture on wood, 12x22", SOLD © 2011, Lynne Medsker

After I had assembled all the original pieces I spied a couple of areas that need a little more detail. I found the five large, round, flat beads that seemed to fill in the middle area well and then covered another small wood piece with aluminum and green ink to add a pop of color at the top of the piece.

I’ve emailed an image of the finished piece to my client who replied “It’s perfect!” and is excited for it to arrive later this week so she can see it in person and get it hung in it’s proper place. Which is the exact response I was hoping for!

Happiness all around,


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