Creative inventory

wood pieces, cut & ready to create with!

So after I finished with the commissioned work using pieces of wood that I had cut into various shapes I decided my supply was getting a bit low…or at least a bit uninteresting. So out came the saw and my stash of wood. I kept one large sheet of birch in reserve for a future project but the rest is history! The more I play with the scroll saw the more adventurous I become as far as the intricate shapes and details I add to pieces. When I first started with it they were basic triangles, rectangles and a few slightly curvy pieces. 🙂 This session I spent almost four hours standing in front of the saw, totally lost in creating different shapes. What fun!! I keep the smaller pieces on my work table in the container shown above, the larger pieces I store in a big box that I keep in the garage in between creative sessions.

large cut pieces of wood, just waiting to be turned into art!

Right now it’s still in the studio because I want to dig into it soon! Who knows how these new pieces will inspire me. 🙂


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