notecard design #1 © lynne medsker

I had a little bit of time over the weekend where I had to sit still in one spot so I made sure I had something to doodle around with. These are some designs I made thinking of perhaps making some notecards with them to send to family, friends and customers. Created on drawing paper using thin & thick markers and some pencil shading I made sure to leave an open area so I could pencil in words or greetings specific to the occasion. I’m sure that I’ll end up adding some pops of color is certain areas too. The second card ended up with a small mandala design within it – I just can’t help myself!

notecard image #2 © lynne medsker

The rest of the design is doodling, much like the Zentangle artwork that people create – just not the “standard” size that they specify. Never heard of zentangles? Do a quick search online and you’ll see lots of awesome examples and instructions. Give it a try…doodling is good for the soul!


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