Wandering Thoughts

"wandering thoughts" mandala inspired art (ink, marker, pencil) 11x15" matted to 16x20" $125 © Lynne Medsker

Sorry about the sporadic posting! It’s not that I’ve got little say, it’s that I’ve not got enough time to say it! 🙂 Nevertheless, I thought I could at least post a new image and a few words this afternoon while I’ve got a bit of quietness. I’m hoping to find a block of time soon to write several posts and get them scheduled, otherwise the time seems to slip by without ever getting it done!

If you follow me on facebook you will have already seen some of the progress images of this piece, or a cell phone shot of it when it was complete, but this is the first “quality” photo of it I’ve published. My mandalas have kind of transformed from the true, circular patterns so I’ve been describing them as “mandala inspired” artwork, which seems a bit more accurate. The title for this piece certainly describes my life lately as well! In September I will be showing these at an art fair in Michigan – an entire booth of mandala art, a first time for that – both the show and the art. 🙂 I’ll have more details regarding the location, dates and times posted soon.

If I don’t get another post in this week, enjoy your weekend!

Peace & Love,


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